TNT announcer thought Sixers fans were chanting 'Let's Go Process'


It's the most popular phrase in basketball and one of the all-time slogans in sports—Trust The Process.

It represents everything the Philadelphia 76ers have been through since Sam Hinkie was hired in 2013 and Joel "The Process" Embiid was selected in the 2014 NBA Draft.

The rallying cry is often chanted by Sixers fans when Embiid is at the free-throw line, something that once again occurred in the middle of Philadelphia's Game 2 win over the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night.

However, this time, national play-by-play TNT announcer Brian Anderson incorrectly told everyone watching Sixers fans were chanting, "Let's Go Process" and his color commentator, Jim Jackson—nor anyone on the production team at TNT—corrected him.

Sixers fans and media members voiced their displeasure on Twitter, obviously.

Come on, TNT.

As for the game, "The Process" himself dropped a 40-burger and the Sixers won Game 2 easily.