Jalen Hurts catches himself when asked if Eagles are better: 'I damn sure—I mean, I hope so'


Jalen Hurts was asked by Angelo Cataldi if this Eagles team is better than last year's team, and he caught himself.

"I damn sure—I mean, I hope so," Hurts said on Wednesday morning, laughing and catching himself. "That's always the objective to get better every day, get better from year to year and learn from our mistakes. For me, I definitely want to learn from the things I experienced last year, learn from the things that I saw last year and take them into this year and blossom and take off."

Cataldi also asked Hurts if he likes running plays or passing plays more and his answer was perfect.

"I like touchdowns," he said matter of factly.

"It's still the same with me. I know everybody loves the run game, everybody loves taking those big explosive plays down the field and doing those things, but I know what everyone loves more—they love to win. So whatever gets us the dub."

How does Hurts respond to negative criticism?

"I know it won't be the first time and it won't be the last," Hurts said. "So I attack every day with the intent to get better and that's why I do."