Stephen A. Smith: Curry near 'perfection,' Klay needs to be Klay


The Splash Brothers have dominated the past decade together, but the two are on wildly different trajectories this season.

While Steph Curry is in the early-season MVP conversation, Klay Thompson is struggling to get back to his pre-injury form, or even close to his production from last year’s playoffs. Stephen A. Smith joined 95.7 The Game’s “Steiny & Guru” for a 20-minute chat Thursday and spent a lot of time talking about the Splash Brothers.

After watching Steph cook up the Suns for 50 points in a bad Warriors loss, Stephen A. had nothing but good things to say about Curry.

“The greatest shooter we have ever seen,” Smith told hosts Matt Steinmetz and Daryle ‘The Guru’ Johnson. “One of the greatest champions we have ever seen. One of the greatest role models we have ever, ever seen in our lives. Maybe it sounds like I’m not giving him enough praise, but guys, I don’t what else to say about this man. And I’m a person who talks for a living. I can’t come up with more superlatives to express his greatness as a basketball player, as a professional and as a champion. I can’t. He’s one of the closest things to perfection we have ever seen from any winner we have ever encountered from the history of sports.”

Steph is now averaging what would be a career-high 32.8 points, on a 70.1 true shooting percentage, 53.1 percent from the field and 44.7 from 3-point range. While his 5.1 3-pointers per game would be tie his career best, his 5.9 two-point field goals made per game is also the best mark of his career, as he has been deadly with the mid-range game.

That’s some grand praise for Curry from the wordsmith Stephen A. Likewise, he had a strong message to Klay, who’s struggled with his shot and defensive mobility so far this season. Smith thinks Klay’s block is a mental one.

“He forgot he’s a champion,” Smith said. “What I meant by that is, we ain’t questioning your ability and what you can’t do. We damn sure ain’t questioning your heart. You’re walking out there like you got something to prove. You’ve already proven it. Just play. Just play. Even though he struggled on and off, he had enough good moments and enough big moments to assist in delivering the fourth championship to the franchise in this era.

“OK, now we fast forward to this year. What are you doing? You’re reacting to Charles Barkley, and you’re upset and disappointed. Stop that. Stop it. You’re a four-time champion. As far as I’m concerned, one of the top-five shooters in the history of the league. You’re a surefire, first-ballot Hall of Famer. You’re constantly being candid and speaking the truth. How the hell can you speak the truth that applies to you? You are Klay Freakin’ Thompson. Be Klay Freakin’ Thompson.”

Before he signed off, Smith also shared a strong take for those fans who want to see Jordan Poole in the starting lineup over Klay.

"This message is directly to all Warriors fans out there who want Klay Thompson benched in favor Jordan Poole: Kick rocks! Kick rocks!," Smith said. "That's asinine. If you have a guy like Klay Thompson, who is proven as a shooter. This is not a guy who's success is predicated on his athleticism. That's why Russell Westbrook is coming off the bench. Because he can't shoot."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images