Alex Wood makes case for Barry Bonds' Hall of Fame candidacy

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Barry Bonds will find out the fate of his Hall of Fame candidacy for the 10th and final time on Jan. 25. Bonds, along with other last-ballot baseball greats like Rogers Clemens, Sammy Sosa have had their careers tarnished by links to performance-enhancing drugs.

Giants southpaw Alex Wood took to Twitter Monday to defend Bonds’ candidacy for Cooperstown.

Bonds’ career accolades -- which include the most home runs in MLB history (762), walks (2,558), seven MVPs, 14 All-Star appearances, 12 silver sluggers, eight gold gloves and two batting titles -- are unmatched. But he won four of those MVPs from 2001-2004 under the cloud of BALCO performance-enhancing drug scandal. In 2015, a court of appeals overturned Bonds’ felony conviction of obstruction of justice in the 2011 BALCO-related trial.

Wood has been part of the Giants organization for one season and recently signed a two-year, $25 million contract to stay in San Francisco. While Wood showed love for one of the Giants’ all-time greats, he also shared his thoughts on Clemens.

If Bonds, Clemens and Sosa don't make the Hall of Fame Class of 2022, they’ll have a chance to be voted in by the Hall of Fame’s era committees in the future.

I think Wood has a point about Bonds and Clemens. Even without the juice and the mysterious late career bulk, those two guys were deserving of being Hall of Famers.

In his first 14 seasons from 1986-99 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Giants, Bonds slashed .288/.409/.559 while averaging 32 homers (445 total) and 93 RBI per season. He racked up three MVPs, eight All-Star appearances, eight gold gloves and seven silver slugger awards in that time alone -- which sounds Hall of Fame worthy to me.