You only have 17 days to try the AMAZING cream puffs at The Big E

Salt proves these cream puffs are THE BEST IN THE WHOLE DANG WORLD!
Salt gets his cream puff on
Photo credit Salt

Chaz the Cream Puff Man from the Big E is the guy EVERYONE wants as their best friend! Lucky for Salt, Chaz dropped by the Christine and Salt studios with a special cream puff delivery.

The Big E
Photo credit The Big E

Wanna sink your teeth into these yummy, delicious, creamy puffs? Of course you do! Well, you only have 17 days to do it, and you can only do it at The Big E.

Check out the Christine and Salt interview with Chaz below for more details on the annual delight that New Englanders love to devour!

This year's Big E runs from September 17-Oct 3, 1305 Memorial Drive, West Springfield, MA.