Former US Asst Secretary of Education: 'Standardized tests are a waste of time and billions of dollars'

(KFTK) –  Former Asst US Secretary of Education, Professor Diane Ravitch, joined Randy Tobler to discuss the evolving educational system amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Dr Tobler and Professor Ravitch agree that the educational system focuses too much toward teaching students to perform well on standardized tests, not really educating them.

"If there was one good thing that would come out of this time, it would be a realization that we don't need these tests,"says Ravitch, "standardized tests are a waste of time and billions of dollars."

Professor Ravitch says, "we should have our state standards, our state expectations, but forget the standardized tests. The standardized tests are truly a waste of time because they stigmatize children. They say, 'you pass, you're good; you didn't pass, you're no good. And the same kids end up not passing year after year."

Ravitch isn't surprised by the repeated failures from the same students, "we know in advance who they are, they're the kids who are poor, they're the kids who have learning disabilities, have special education needs, or who don't speak English.  Well, big surprise, the same kids fail year after year after year.  Instead of stigmatizing kids, we should actually teach them."

What has the Covid-19 outbreak done to education with a vast majority of schools closed nationwide?

"The tech industry would like to use this an opportunity to replace real teachers with 'distance learning," says Ravitch.  "What they're really saying is that the emergency we're living through now should become permenant for children. That would be a tragedy, frankly."


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