Rep. Rodney Davis says the failure of Gov. Pritzker is why people are leaving Illinois

Congressman Rodney Davis said what is really makes people leave the state of Illinois is Pritzker's policies.
"I don't think he nor the Biden administration will ever get the message that we are sick and tired of them taking tax dollars or trying to take tax dollars that you all have yet to earn," he said.
It's terrible policy, it's the failure of the government, it's the failure of JK Pritzker and those reasons alone are why people are moving from Illinois to another state.
Davis said we have major problems right now because we are coming out of a pandemic, but we can do our part to reverse these trends. He encouraged folks to get the vaccine so that we can get the economy rolling again.
Congressman Davis also talked about the filibuster and how Senator Kyrsten Sinema does not plan to waver on her stance with the filibuster.
He said he knows her well and she, "means what she says and says what she means."