Local ICU doctor out of a job over vaccine mandates

Dr. Mollie James, D.O., is a local ICU physician who has been on the front lines of treating COVID for more than a year. KMOV reports Dr. James was let go over a vaccine mandate. She explains to Marc Cox that natural immunity, in her medical opinion, is more impactful at warding off the virus.

“Hospitals are not following the data and they have a societal obligation to do that,” says Dr. James.

Dr. James also expresses concern over vaccine mixing, “Now there’s going to be no good data for anything.”

Meanwhile, Dr. James is focusing on “early and effective treatment” that includes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Her patient is currently in a legal battle with Walmart for refusing to fill his prescription.

Why are administrators pushing back on potentially life-saving treatment?

“Ivermectin is a threat to people who stand to make money from the vaccine.”

Dr. James has opened her own practice The James Clinic.

Listen to her interview with Marc Cox above.

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