'Politics have taken over': Missouri senator says continuing to push for Trump's impeachment is unfair


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - As Democrats continue to push for the removal of President Donald Trump from office with just days remaining in his term, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt tells KMOX it's become purely political and unfair to the incoming administration.

"I think the politics have taken over," Blunt says. "I can't imagine a bigger overreach than the Biden administration reaching back and impeaching the past president, who's no longer in office and can't be removed because he's not there."

The U.S. House is pushing for Vice President Mike Pence to evoke the 25th Amendment, declaring Trump unfit to serve and remove him from office. The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden is just a week away.

Blunt says Democrats would be better served to focus on the agenda of the incoming president, instead of making a political statement and trying to impeach someone no longer in office.

"I think it's a terrible way for the Biden administration to get started, if he wants to continue to focus on the impeachment of a past president – which we have never done before. And it takes time," Blunt says.

Blunt explains that the Sentate cannot deal with any other business except impeachment should the articles be transmitted to them by the House. You can hear his full conversation on the Mark Reardon Show, here.

The House vote to impeach is expected to pass on Tuesday, but it's not likely to be approved in the narrowly divided Senate.

The unprecedented events come as the FBI has warned ominously of potential armed protests in Washington and many states by Trump loyalists ahead of Biden’s inauguration and Capitol Police warned lawmakers to be on alert.

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