Mariners' Jake Fraley makes Catch of the Year to stun Tigers in ninth [WATCH]


And you thought Derek Hill flashed the leather in Wednesday's game between the Tigers and Mariners. That was in the top of the first.

We take you to the bottom of the ninth.

Game tied at three. One out, runner on first. Isaac Paredes at the plate for the Tigers.

Drives one to left! That is deep!! That is ... caught!!

OH, NO!!

What a grab!!!

That was the call on Bally Sports Detroit. And the play was as epic as it sounds. Mariners left fielder Jake Fraley made a perfectly-timed jump at the wall and used every inch of his right arm to rob Paredes of a walk-off homer.

Then he doubled off the runner at first for good measure, sending the game to extras -- where he would drive in the go-ahead run for Seattle in the 11th.

Add it all up, and there's your early favorite for Catch of the Year.

Here's the call on Root Sports in Seattle: