Fantasy football: Week 4 waiver wire, streamers and starts


After the previous week’s bombardment of season-enders, Week 3 played relatively nice with minimal injury carnage, but now a new set of obstacles awaits with a COVID outbreak threatening both Minnesota and Tennessee’s involvement in Week 4. This is what we were all afraid of when the NFL announced its plans to move forward without a bubble, eschewing the isolated environments that proved so successful in both the NBA and NHL.

There will surely be more developments to follow on the COVID front as the NFL looks to salvage this week’s games. Fantasy players likely didn’t anticipate navigating a global health crisis in addition to deciding whether to start Anthony Miller or Allen Lazard in their flex position, but here we are. Welcome to 2020, everyone.

This is what we all signed up for, I suppose. Not that fantasy players aren’t used to weathering weekly headaches in some form or another. The difference is, usually our frustration is confined to James Conner limping off after one carry or Devin Singletary getting vultured on the one-yard-line by Zack Moss.

Join host Stephen Andress and me as we make lemonade out of lemons, sharing our preferred waiver adds (a pair of rookie receivers made the cut), streaming recommendations (it seems Andress and I are both bullish on Lions pass-catchers against New Orleans) and a handful of under-the-radar starts that can hopefully swing Week 4 in your favor. Jordan Cohn was unavailable for this week’s taping, but he’ll be back to join Stephen and me next week for another episode of the RADIO.COM Sports Fantasy Football Show.

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