Cookie Lovers Can Now Get Oreo-Flavored Lip Balm

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Photo credit Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

These days you should be able to find a lip balm for you. There's NO reasons to have chapped lips, especially when there's an Oreo Flavored Lip Balm. 

The product description on Amazon reads," We know how people value flavor and tradition of Oreo, so we teamed up to make an item your lips can't resist. Perfect as a gift or for individual use, this lip balm is manufactured to bring out the love in your life." The container looks exactly like an Oreo cookie  "At first glance, you'd think this lip balm was an actual cookie!" According to Taste of Beauty, the company behind the product, "Our design team is happy to bring you this fun cosmetic Oreo cookie lip balm. Let's be honest, who doesn't love that delicious Oreo flavor?"  Even suggesting that you can "Kiss a loved one and share the flavor of Oreo."

Taste of Beauty and Oreo have teamed up before. According to the Today Show, they created an Oreo "Stuf Lip Balm" that was originally only available through a contest, but now you can purchse it for a couple of bucks on their website.