Madison Beer on music, family, and her Lana Del Rey approved new album, 'Silence Between Songs'

The singer's sophomore album arrives September 15
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On the heels of announcing the impending release of her sophomore album, Silence Between Songs, Madison Beer sat down with Audacy’s Bru to discuss the project that’s set to drop September 15, its first single “Home To Another One,” and more.

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“This was the first one I wanted to go with, in a really serious way,” Madison said in regards to her latest release, “because its just fun and really different.”

Teasing the song, announcing its release and then announcing her second album was “how I wanted to do it,” Madison revealed. “I wanted to kind of tease it and then just drop it on them.” Noting it feels “bizarre,” that now it’s “just out there.”

“i can’t believe I’m finally saying this, tears in my eyes trying to articulate how I feel. The closer it gets, the more we’ll talk about it, but I am just so excited to release this record. I’m so excited for it to be yours. I’ll find more words soon…,, :’) for now… SEPTEMBER 15TH,” Beer said revealing the new project just last week.

Always one to love and appreciate the visuals, Madison’s music video for “Home To Another One,” like many that came before, does not disappoint.

“It’s always been a part of this that I’ve enjoyed so much," Madison shared, adding that “before I was an artist I was making little movies on iMovie… that was like my main hobby. So I feel like directing my videos and writing the treatments and being a part of that has been such a fun and exciting part of my career now."

Talking about her creative process of putting songs together, Madison shared that she and her team have found a “way that works” for them, by starting a song out acoustically on guitar or piano and then building it up from there.

“We’ve tried to start a beat or whatever and it just has never really worked out cause I feel like you then commit to the vibe sort of,” Madison said — air quoting “the vibe.” What works for her is “creating a song — bones — on a piano or on a guitar, you can actually really appreciate the integrity of the actual song versus getting too drowned out with the production… And I like to also be able to sing all of my songs acoustically and hope they sound good.”

So, fun and interesting fact you might have not known— Madison’s upcoming album is Lana Del Rey approved. After a “surreal” experience of meeting her at a coffee shop of all places, Madison and Lana kept in touch. “She’s just been the coolest to me and very very appreciative of that and I think its very refreshing,” Beer said of their friendship.

As for an notes Lana gave Madison about the album, Beer noted “she had a lot to say and that’s like what I love about her. I feel like she’s so opinionated and I love to hear all of her thoughts about every song."

After years of trying to write a song about her brother that felt “honest enough,” Silence Between Songs will feature a track Madison explained will be “giving him an apology that I think was overdue.”

“We just gave it another shot,” Madison said about trying to write the song again, and this time its “just flowed so easily and it just worked.” Adding, “It’s a really special song… and important to me, and I think anyone who has a sibling can relate in some way to it."

For all that and more including what Madison had to say about common misconceptions, the music industry, and what she has planned next, check out the entire interview above.

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