WATCH: ‘Huge’ venomous snake found in child’s toy basket


This is not a “hisssterical” incident.

In Australia, a “huge” venomous snake was recently found inside a child’s toy basket, according to Newsweek.

On Facebook, the terrifying incident was posted by Stuart McKenzie, with Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7. The snake was found at their home in Maroochydore, a town in Queensland, eastern Australia.

“When I arrived and saw this situation it actually sent a shiver down my spine,” McKenzie wrote in the Facebook post.

“The two young daughters and their mom were playing in the girls room and went to take a few toys out of the toy basket when they uncovered a large fat red-bellied black snake hiding in there. Wow!”

Red-bellied black snakes are known scientifically as Pseudechis porphyriacus. These species can be found across the eastern portion of Australia.

While the bite of red-belly can require medical attention, the species is less venomous than many other snakes in the country.

McKenzie said the species was “stunning” and “gorgeous” in the video when seeing the snake. He described the snake as massive.