Patrick Duffy explains why he loves doing Lifetime Christmas movies: "Love Always Wins at the End"

Patrick Duffy, Red Carpet, DeLamar Theater, 2019
Patrick Duffy, Red Carpet, DeLamar Theater, 2019 Photo credit DPPA

Dallas star Patrick Duffy has carved a new career for himself appearing in Lifetime Christmas movies, and he's just fine appearing in as many as he can.

Duffy told PEOPLE, "When my agent or whomever it is that proffers the offer says, 'We have an offer from Lifetime,' I just say, 'Take it.' I know what it's going to be. I don't know the plot, but I know it's going to be well-written for the audience it's trying to get to. It will be respectful to every character because they always are. The message is always positive: It's always love wins at the end."

You can catch Duffy this year in PEOPLE Presents: Once Upon a Main Street, where he portrays Elder Dubois, a storefront owner trying to choose between two warring prospective buyers.

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