School of Rock's Stacey Ryan on why they had to 'keep the music going' during the pandemic

'Many of our students rely on it for their mental health'
Stacey Ryan COO of School of Rock
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During the 2023 She Rocks Awards, Audacy and 98 Rock’s Myki Angeline spoke with Stacey Ryan, the Chief Operating Officer of School of Rock, which happens to be the most revolutionary music education program in the world — nbd.

LISTEN NOW: Stacey Ryan discusses the importance of music to mental health

During their conversation Stacey admitted to feeling “honored and confused,” about being honored at this years awards.

“It’s interesting because I found myself battling imposter syndrome which I coach women all the time about how to overcome, and I found myself in that position. So I’m surrounded my incredible people, support, friends, family mentors, that all shook it out of me really quick, but it’s just incredibly humbling.”

Stacey and her School of Rock team lead efforts throughout 15 countries to consistently deliver outstanding technical learning and personal development of 60,000 students in a safe, inclusive, and encouraging environment. Part of making sure her school remains a safe and nurturing environment, Stacey has formed a partnership with the Society of the Prevention of Teen Suicide.

“We are very passionate about the importance of mental health… We work a lot with our students on awareness on knowing that they are important, that there are people who care and are here to listen to them. And we insure that we are always promoting that healthy lifestyle.”

“Mental health is one of the biggest crisis happening right now, and COVID really magnified it significantly. And when we hit COVID, we knew as a organization that ‘we can’t stop this,’" Stacey expressed. Noting they had to “find a way to keep the music going, because many of our students rely on it for their mental health.”

“Almost over night we went to a fully remote operation, we kept things going, we did parking lot shows instead of venue shows. We did everything we could to keep everything going because we knew how important it was, and the role the music plays in mental health.”

Listen to the whole conversation above and check out Stacey’s She Rocks acceptance speech, followed by a performance from an all-female band from School of Rock below.

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