He May Be The Greatest American Alive (And Our New Best Friend)! Colorado's Tim Borden Sets A New Guinness Record For The Largest Firework!!

Photo credit Scott Barbour/ Staff/ Getty Images

We have a new best friend.

Colorado based fireworks expert Tim Borden and his crew with Steamboat Fireworks set a new Guinness World Record this past Saturday night by launching a 62", 2800 lb firework 2200 ft into the skies over Steamboat Springs CO!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPo_jVPjZPM&t=63sAnd seeing at though we here on the JDMS LOVE blowin' stuff up, we knew we'd love this dude!And after talking to him...he may just be a long lost realative...'cause we have WAY too much in common!!