The Johnny Dare Morning Show Valentine's Day Wedding Dress Massacre Is Fanning The Flames Of Revenge!!

Johnny Dare Morning Show
Photo credit KQRC

Valentine's Day is the day where people the world over celebrate their of candy and flowers...heartfelt proclamations of their undying devotion.But for some, V Day just serves as a grim reminder of what a sh*tshow love can be.So, being the giving folks that we are at the Johnny Dare Morning Show, we decided to give three listeners (Jessica, Maggie & Brian) a chance to rekindle the flames in their hearts.To stoke the fire inside.To melt their cold, cold hearts, so that they may be taking the symbol of their broken love, the wedding dress, and doing what comes naturally for us.KILLING IT WITH FIRE!Yep! On Valentine's Day Johnny Dare is firing up his flamethrower and giving Jessica, Maggie and Brian the opportunity to BURN THAT MOTHER F'ER DOWN POOKIE!Tune in Valentine's Day morning for all of the smokin' action!!!