Tik Tok sensation Nathan Apodaca on his internet fame "There ain't no shame in my game if I have to go back to work!"

The Johnny Dare Morning Show
Photo credit KQRC

With as big of a shit show as 2020 has been, there have been precious few bright spots to latch on to.Then, Idaho Falls potato factory worker Nathan Apodaca came rolling into our lives.Cruising along on his longboard...swiggin' some cranberry juice...and happily singing along to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"...it was the effortless moment of chill that we all needed...and apparently the whole damn world agreed as he's generated over 60 million views, countless tribute videos...and has become a huge internet sensation!!But with all of the attention, with all of the interviews and fame...he still seems to be the same laid back dude who the world fell in love with...