Good News: Backyard Ice Skating, Drug Companies Unite, and an Unlikely Hero Catches a Falling Baby

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Good news Photo credit 98PXY

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds...

1. To get vaccines out faster, the biggest drug company in the world is teaming up with one of its biggest competitors. Merck pharmaceuticals is helping manufacture the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. They were planning to crank out 100 million doses by the end of June. Now they think they can do it by the end of May.

2. A woman in Detroit created a backyard ice rink for neighborhood kids to skate and play hockey on. Her local fire department heard about it and showed up with a water truck to help her make enough ice.

3. A retired Marine in North Carolina named Christi Davis hit the lottery for half-a-million bucks last month. And she's planning to use a big chunk of that money to help people in her community who've been hit hard by the pandemic.

4. A two-year-old kid got out onto a 12th-floor balcony in Vietnam on Sunday and fell about 150 feet. But luckily, a 31-year-old delivery driver saw what was going on . . . scaled a wall to get right under the balcony . . . and CAUGHT her. She ended up with a dislocated hip, but should be okay. Meanwhile, the delivery driver sprained muscles in both of his arms.