Savage or Sensible - Getting Upset with Someone Who Doesn’t Invite You to Something Even Though You Both Know You Won’t Go

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Feeling left out
Left out Photo credit Getty Images

The other day Breezy was having a conversation with her girlfriend, Rachel and was telling her her plans for the week, which included going to the Dierks Bentley concert at CMAC tomorrow. She got really quiet and a little upset and asked why she wasn't invited. Breezy explained to her that on multiple different occasions Rachel has expressed her dislike for concerts and crowds, so why would she invite her? Rachel respond with "that's true... but I still want to be invited/included". Breezy is calling this behavior out as savage and wants to know what the listeners think. Which leads to todays savage or sensible: Getting Upset with someone who doesn’t invite you to something even though both know you won’t go... What do you think?