Poll: Savage or Sensible - Giving Your Youngest Child Hand Me Down School Supplies Even Though You Can Afford New Stuff

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If you ever have something you want to have us throw on the savage scale, you can reach out to us on Facebook like this listener did!

"Hey guys! My husband had a pretty savage suggestion when it comes to back to school shopping this year and I wanted to run it by you. We've got four kids so we've done A LOT of back to school shopping over the years. While we were cleaning out the basement this weekend we stumbled across a ton of old back to school supplies. When I suggested we donate it, my husband snapped at me and we can give it to our youngest child. For some context, we're in a pretty good place financially and we've always bought our kids new stuff for back to school. Don't you think it would be savage to give hand me downs to our youngest? It may just be hitting a nerve with me because I'm the youngest in my family and always got everyone's hand me downs, but I'd love to know your thoughts!"

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