Good News: Stray Cats, Lucky Numbers, and Trampolines

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Good news Photo credit 98PXY

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds...

1. A stray cat video game is raising money to help cats in real life. It's a PlayStation game called "Stray" where you're a cat that walks around town solving puzzles . . . balancing on railings . . . and knocking stuff off shelves. People have been playing it on Twitch while others watch. And they're encouraged to donate money to animal rescues and cat-related charities.  (Here's the trailer for the game.)

2.  A teenager in Pennsylvania used a trampoline to save his neighbors from a house fire on Tuesday.  He moved it under a window so they could jump out.  One of them hurt their leg, but everyone survived.  They were also able to save their dogs by dropping them down.

3. A 68-year-old woman in Maryland hit the lottery using numbers she got from a dream, but not her own dream. She's used numbers from her dreams before, but never had any luck. So this time, she used numbers from a dream her SISTER had . . . 2-3-8-1-5 . . . and her 50-cent ticket hit for $25,000.