Poll: Savage or Sensible - Not Confirming Plans You Made with Someone and Just Showing Up

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Have something you want to throw on the savage scale? Reach out to us like this listener did!

"Hey Guys! I have a savage or sensible for you that has rattled me beyond belief.  So about 3 weeks ago, one of my friends who I never see reached out to me and I was like "I miss you, let's grab bunch on the 18th around 10" and I was like awesome! Mind you she is the type of friend that makes plans and then bails or forgets, which is fine because I know that about her but what happened over the weekend just through me for a loop. So the 18th came this past weekend and I get a text from her at 9:45am that was like hey, I'm outside your door can you come let me in?... I was so shook like she never texted to confirm plans the night before or anything.  I thought to myself how SAVAGE of her to not just shoot me a text to confirm plans. I would love to know what you and your listeners think."

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