Poll: Savage or Sensible - Refusing to Move Your Seat on an Airplane for a Family So they Can Sit Together, Even Though You're Flying Alone

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Kids on plane
Kid on plane Photo credit Getty Images

"Hey guys - I have a savage or sensible for you... I was traveling the other week for work, mind you I was alone. And when I travel I have my AirPods in the entire time and do not like interacting with other people. As I got on the flight I got to my seat and I was in the aisle seat and there was a women and a baby next to me and I thought nothing of it. I sat down got comfortable and shortly after the flight attendant came up to me and asked if I would switch with the man across the way as it was the woman's husband. MIND you he was sitting in the middle seat in the row across and I kindly told the flight attendant no thank you and put my AirPods back in. Why would I jam myself in the middle seat because they didn't pick their seats in time to sit together? That is literally not my problem they decided to have a kid and its certainly not my problem they weren't able to sit together? I picked my seat for a reason and I'm not going to be uncomfortable for the next 3 hours for some random stranger. SORRY, NOT MY PROBLEM. The woman next to be gave me death glares the whole flight but thank god I had my eye mask. My friends are calling me a savage and I just can't wrap my head around it... I would love to know what you and your listeners think?"