Poll: Savage or Sensible - Threatening to Exclude Someone from Thanksgiving if they Don't Take Part in All Family Thanksgiving Activities

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"I have the most savage savage or sensible for the two of you. My mother is absolutely losing her mind over this. For context I am 21 and this is my first official year to be able to take place in the Thanksgiving Eve festivities that I have been hearing about all these years. So I am excited but here is the thing my mom is dead set on our whole family running the turkey trot this year… together as a family. Now she runs the turkey trot every year it’s her thing but she never makes me or my siblings do it with her… but she is convinced this year out of all years will be the year we ALL participate. I told her I’m not doing it at least 4 times now and she got SOO upset and said if you can’t just pick and choose what family events you can come to because they sound appealing to you. She also said she works so hard to make the meal and the LEAST I can do is participate in this one thing and if I don’t… don’t bother coming to thanksgiving. I think she is bluffing and being drama BUT never the less this is savage!"