Poll: Savage or Sensible - When a Coffee Shop has a No Public WiFi Policy

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Have something you want to throw on the savage scale? Reach out to us like this listener did!

"Hey Guys, I have the hot take and a savage or sensible for you that can not be over looked.  The other day I was at a local coffee shop (because I love to support local businesses) and I have a remote job so once a week I try out a new coffee shop in the city and work from there for the day.  The other day I went to a pretty popular spot in the city and everyone raves about so I had pretty HIGH expectations.  Everyone was going well until the moment I sat down opened my laptop and made the SHOCKING realization that they don't have wifi??? WHAT KIND OF COFFEE SHOP DOESN'T HAVE WIFI, especially one that has sooo much traffic? Which leads me to todays savage or sensible... a coffee shop not offering wifi to its paying customers!"

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