Zara Larsson proves you 'Can't Tame Her' in 2023: 'Because I love what I do'

'It was just nice to start off the year with that energy'
Zara Larsson
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Calling in to chat with Audacy’s Julia, Zara Larsson discussed her new “feel good” single “Can’t Tame Her,” and so much more.

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“I feel very energetic and like confident when I listen to the song, and that’s really what I wanted to capture.”

And that’s why despite the “always a little tricky” decision of choosing which song will be the first taste off a new album, Zara admitted, “hopefully they will all have their time to shine,” in regards to her forthcoming LP's other tracks, “but it was just nice to start off the year with that energy.”

Described by Julia as “sexy, empowering kinda makes you wanna punch someone in the face," and Zara couldn’t agree more. “The song itself kinda hits you in the face, its instant, its fun, and when I listen to it, I’m like that’s me, whoever she’s talking about, whoever Zara is talking about that’s me,” noting the track is from the third person perspective.

While in the past Zara hasn’t been the most self-promoting, and generally more shy, lately thanks to “Can’t Tame Her” being a place on repeat type of song, things have changed. “Because I just thought to myself, if I’m not gonna be my biggest fan, who’s gonna be?”

“I am really proud of the things I put out, the music I make, and what I do,” Zara expressed. “So I will shamelessly promote myself this whole upcoming year and like for the rest of my life because I love what I do.”

In particular, Zara admittedly loves to listen to her unreleased music, “because that’s exciting and its also something that still you could change…Cause once you release the song into the universe, it’s out. I have no control over it anymore and it’s like my gift to whoever wants to listen and enjoy it. So it’s exciting to listen to new stuff that isn’t out yet.”

Getting into the ways she avoids being tamed, after being asked, Zara’s main point was to always be true to yourself and never be scared of being a little “cringy” in somebody else’s eyes, whether its fans, critics, strangers, or even friends.

As for whats to come with her new album, Zara shared, “there’s some very passionate emotional heartfelt songs, there's some club bangers, there’s a little bit more R&B, I think it’s a good mix.”

For all that and more, including what Zara’s learned working on this new album versus her previous projects, what her “big goals” are for 2023, and some Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime song predictions, listen to interview above.

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