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Say More with Dr? Sheila
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In the world of feelings, there are winners and losers, and somebody has to be the judge. World-renowned, self-proclaimed couples therapist Dr? Sheila invites you to sit in on her private sessions with clients.

LISTEN NOW: Say More with Dr? Sheila - Ep. 1 - Suspected Infidelity

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Fun fact — Dr? Sheila is actually not a real doctor, hence the question mark. She’s actually a fictional world-class therapist and life coach with questionable methods and credentials played by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning writer, actress, producer, and director Amy Poehler on an all new Audacy and Paper Kite Podcast, Say More with Dr? Sheila.

Over the course of ten episodes, Dr? Sheila will offer advice and counsel to ten couples on topics including infidelity, open relationships, ghosting, bickering, and more. With new episodes released weekly through November 16.

Couples will be played by a cast of actors and comedians including Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, John Lutz, Chris Parnell, Maya Rudolph, and more.

Already mapped out, the series will be the first in a three-season original scripted comedy podcast franchise from Audacy and Amy Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions. Set to feature stories that parody and pay homage to popular themes in the podcast space, the second and third installments of the Paper Kite Podcasts franchise are slated to launch in 2024, including a female-led true crime series and a male-hosted interview-driven show. Each character and story will live in the same, interwoven universe.

“Dr? Sheila has changed my life,” said Amy Poehler. “She also owes me a considerable amount of money.  But if I have learned anything from listening to ‘Say More’ it’s the fact that people are complicated.”

"We are huge fans and listeners of podcasts in every genre. Love self-help podcasts, love true crime, love the celebrity interview show, all of it,” said Executive Producer Liz Cackowski. “And as comedians, we show our love through parody, which perhaps is something the next self-help podcast can help me work through. We’re excited to partner with Audacy to bring this series to life.”

Curious what Dr? Sheila is listening to when she’s not in a session with a patient? Get all her favorite songs here on Dr? Sheila’s Playlist, including tunes from Shania Twain, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and many more, hosted by Dr? Sheila herself.

Listen to the Say More with Dr? Sheila trailer now — HERE, and check out the first two episodes — HERE, officially available on the Audacy app.

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