Scotty McCreery enjoys seeing fans ‘still appreciating good Country music’ on Brooks & Dunn 2023 ‘Reboot Tour’

'Brooks and Dunn is about the best of the best'
Scotty McCreery
Photo credit Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images

While on the road with Country legends Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, Scotty McCreery is making sure he soaks up every moment possible on and off stage.

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As the crew is in the midst of Brooks & Dunn’s 2023 Reboot Tour, which continues through June 23, Scotty says it’s the little things he’s really taking to heart.

“It’s been awesome,” McCreery told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “The tour’s been great, the crowds everywhere have been just packed to the gills, so it’s kind of fun to see everybody still appreciating good, Country music. Brooks & Dunn is about the best of the best.”

He continued, “[I’ve been paying attention to] little things that they do on stage every night. “I always try to find guys that are at the top of their game and I’m like, ‘What are they doing?’ Then I try to incorporate little things that I like into my shows. There’s some little moments and things they’ll say to get the crowd goin’.”

It hasn’t only been a learning experience watching them on stage, says Scotty. He’s also learned all about their music, strategy, and more by getting to hear some behind-the-scenes stories backstage.

“What I’ve learned that I’ve liked is the behind-the-scenes stuff,” he shared. “Like talking about songs kind of before their show. Ronnie would just be like, ‘Oh, let me tell you about how we wrote that one,’ and ‘when we sent that to radio, this is what we were thinking.’”

Hear more about Scotty’s time on tour with Brooks & Dunn, plus an update on his newborn, and some internet fact-checking as he joins Rob + Holly for the Friday Night Takeover this Friday at 7PM.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images