Emo Nite: Gabe Saporta admits Cobra Starship not 'back,' but it's nice to be putting out music again

'It's also bittersweet because everyone's like, 'this is great but we want to see you live'
Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship
Photo credit Jimmy Fontaine
By , Audacy

After six years of silence, Cobra Starship is causing gravitational waves once again on the Alt-Emo scene, and singer Gabe Saporta is here to give his friend, Audacy's Emo Nite host Morgan Freed, all of the important details.

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"It feels good... I wouldn't say I'm totally back," Gabe explains. "I've been here, secretly, but it feels nice to be putting out some music again, even though it's kind of new music -- it's unreleased music. But I think the thing that's nicest is how many people still care after all this time."

Gabe is, of course, talking about the band's October 2021 release of "Beautiful Life," as well as this past weekend's drop of "Party With You," an outtake from their 2009 album, Hot Mess.

The response has been "beautiful" Gabe says. "The thing that I love is that there's a whole new generation of kids that were too young when Cobras was happening but still got into music, still got into the whole scene. I think it's also bittersweet because everyone's like, 'this is great but we want to see you live.'"

Being given this chance to release new and unreleased tracks worked out over time and is in part due to the band's record label, Fueled By Ramen, which has been celebrating 25 years by releasing a new LP every month. "They wanted to do Cobras for one of them," Gabe explains. "I didn't want it to just feel like, 'oh here's the label trying to sell you vinyl,' I wanted to make it special." What started as simply putting some unreleased songs onto vinyl turned into a full release on streaming services, and the creation of a new promotional video.

"And then at the same time, literally, that album that we're gonna release on vinyl has gone Gold," Gabe continues. "So, the album goes gold, and there's this whole resurgence of this scene -- and the nostalgia for this scene. It just felt like a perfect time and I'm very happy that we're doing it now." Listen to the full interview with Gabe Saporta above.

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