Target In Virginia Hosts Party For A Kid Who Wanted A Target Themed Birthday

Target Superstore
Photo credit Photo Credit: Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel

We’ve seen couples have their engagement photos taken at Target, but this is definitely a first. 

When Kelly Blumenthal asked her son Finley what kind of party he wanted to have for his fourth birthday, he said Target. 

Finley is a special kid when he was born the doctors diagnosed him with heart disease; about a year ago Finley had his second open-heart surgery. While he was recovering, family members and friends in the community would drop off gifts for Finley, including the local Target. 

As Finley’s birthday approached his mom Kelly Blumenthal, asked the Target in Fredericksburg, Virginia if they had “any Target-like decorations”, they told her no, but that they would do something very special instead.

The store welcomed Finley on his birthday and gave him his very own nametag along with a swag bag full of Target goodies. All of the store employees gathered around to sing Finley happy birthday while he went through his gifts. 

Finley says he loves Target because he likes the store mascot Bullseye and that Target is the color red, just like his heart. 

Kelly hired a photographer to take pictures of Finely inside of Target. These photos are way too cute to pass up. Check out the picture below. 

Maybe superstores should start hosting birthday parties. Can you imagine a Costco themed birthday party? 

Via: FOX 4 News