Costco To Bring Back In Store Samples, But With Only Dry And Packaged Goods

Photo credit Justin Sullivan / Staff

Back in March, Costco shoppers were disappointed to find out the store would no longer be handing out free food samples. While this took away a number of shopper’s favorite aspect of Costco, it was done in order to keep customers safe. Now, it appears free samples have made their return, although with a few changes.

There has been no official word on the return of free samples from Costco, but shoppers at particular locations have begun to see sample kiosks return to stores. While many shoppers are thrilled to see free samples return, there have been some changes, as for now only dry and packaged goods will be handing out. As seen in a recent photo of the kiosk, shared on social media, as opposed to having the food cooked at the stand, a display case shows the food, with dry ingredients stacked in front.

"A little different than what we are used to but we will take it! It looks like they will be giving out pre-packaged dry samples and not on all demos...The new normal," read the post showing the new free sample kiosk. While customers wait for full on free samples to return, many shoppers will be happy to see snacks given out again while shopping.

Via Delish