The Internet Mocks Texas Man Who Complained About Restaurant Service During Pandemic

Photo credit Lisovskaya

The internet has become the home of all angry customer complaints for restaurants, but one Texas man recently learned now is probably not the best time to complain about customer service. With many restaurant employees risking their health to continue working, many on social media attacked the man after he complained about his wife’s wait time for shredded cheese. According to the man’s tweet, she cannot eat fajitas without shredded cheese.

When it comes to Mi Cocina, a local favorite in DFW, angry posters should know they likely won’t receive much support for their comments. However, no one could have expected the entire internet to come after the post complaining about the service at the Allen, Texas location. On Saturday, the man tweeted a photo of his angry wife, along with his complaint, and the internet swiftly came down on him for complaining during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the comments poked fun at the man’s claim that his wife “couldn’t” eat fajitas without cheese, with some comparing it to a medical condition. In the end, it seems the man learned his lesson as he deleted his initial tweet. Of course, now he will learn; the internet never forgets.

Via Bro Bible