94-Year-Old Great-Grandpa Glides Down Waterslide in Viral Video


You’re never too old for a little splash in the pool.

A Choctaw, Oklahoma resident, Michael Graham, shared a video on Facebook of his grandfather going down a waterslide during the Fourth of July weekend.

The video reveals family members helping Roy Beller, a 94-year-old United States Army Air Corps veteran, up the stairs of the slide, before he said down and slid into the pool with a splash.

“When your 94-year-old Papa says I’m going down the water slide that means he’s going down the water slide!” Graham captioned the video. “I love him so much and hope to be half the man he has been through his life.”

“I actually posted it out there thinking that the whole family would all see the video and be excited about watching him go down,” Graham told TODAY.

According to Graham, going down the slide was his grandfather’s idea.

“The interesting thing was that slide was his idea,” he explained. “We were sitting in the pool and I helped him get down into the pool. He goes to get out and went over... I thought he was wanting to go get in the chair. And I said ‘Do you want to get over to the chair?’ and he said, ‘No, I'm going to go down that water slide.’”

Graham beckoned his sons to safely help their grandpa up the stairs of the slide and make sure he hit the water safely.

At the time of publication, the video received over 8.4 million views and 230,000 shares.

Graham explains that his grandfather didn’t understand why the video got so many hits.

“I figured it would get a few hundred views. But when it hit a million, I called them up and said ‘Well, you got a million views’ and he said ‘Why in the world would a million people want to watch me going down a slide?’”

Graham has his own theories about his grandpa’s question.

“I said two things that I see,” he told the outlet. “One is people were really excited to see someone of your age still active and doing things. Then the other is there's been lots of comments, how much people can see the love in the family. And that's always been a big part of our life. He is the patriarch of the family and everybody gets together and has each other's back.”

His fearlessness is not the only way that Beller inspires home in his family. Graham said seeing his grandfather care for his wife, who suffered from Alzheimers for the last 15 years of her life, made a strong impression on him.

"I watched my grandpa take care of her every single day," Graham said of the couple, who was together for 67 years before she passed away. "He was up in age already, too, and I know how difficult that was on the body but he took care of her up until the day she died. That's when I saw what I would call the kind of love that you show to your spouse and to your family, and always being there no matter what you gotta go through."

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