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Facial Recognition System
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This week, Gregr's putting a smile on his face so he can get into work.

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That's right, inside the offices of Canon's Chinese subsidiary Canon Information Technology, AI-enabled facial recognition tech is scanning faces for smiles before letting anyone into the building. Better flash those choppers if you wanna get to your desk! Creepy, sure. Morale problems, ZERO.

But wait, there's more. Faces are connected to bank accounts so you can pay for fast food, train rides, and failing to pick up your dog's poop. Cameras are everywhere! Think about it -- are we being REPLACED by robots (AI) or being MANAGED by them? And how has this all been brought about? We've done it to ourselves with all the filters and selfies. But hey, if Gregr can be a dancing hot dog and keep kids entertained by giving everyone cat faces... is he really gonna stop? Now, smile pretty for the camera... or go home.

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