Nerd Talk with Gregr: Synthetic Chocolate

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Gregr is a nerd and he talks, therefore it's Nerd Talk with Gregr.

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This week, Gregr’s got creamy, yummy, synthetic chocolate on his mind.

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Gregr says, "With cow dairy being an issue -- do the math -- we go through so much oat milk at my house. Now, that same type of thinking is here just in time to ruin the holidays... KIDDING! But it is true that scientists bent on keeping the Earth habitable for the, you know, humans on it, are rethinking how we make some of our favorite sweet treats. I was not ready to find that they're made in a similar fashion to another one of my crutches."

"Also, has anyone tried mushroom coffee yet?," Gregr wonders. "A place nearish to me just opened up and I gotta be honest, that sounds absolutely terrible. I mean, not hot dog candy cane awful, but still."

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