Hozier looks back on his blessings and ahead to his next chapter: Listen now

'I feel very fortunate to kind of watch the music still find people'

Joining Audacy's Klein.Ally.Show at KROQ in Los Angeles, singer and songwriter Hozier dropped by to look back on his already legendary career and ahead to the next phase leading up to the release of his 2023 album and tour dates to follow.

LISTEN NOW: Hozier on the Klein. Ally. Show.

Amid a TikTok resurgence of his 2013 breakout hit "Take Me To Church," Hozier is getting set to release his forthcoming album this summer -- Unreal Unearth -- his first full collection of new music since 2019.

"You know, it's cool. People are still enjoying the music and that song just became something else than I ever thought it was going to become when I first wrote it," he says humbly. "I feel very fortunate to kind of watch the music still find people. It's like a whole new generation now..."

Co-host Ally remembered seeing one of his performances at L.A.'s Troubadour, saying the crowd was filled with fans of all ages -- something Hozier admits he's certainly noticed as well. "I've been blessed with kind of a broad tent of a lot of listeners. What I'm fascinated [with] at the moment is," he says, "people coming to the shows or meet me after a gig... and they might have been 10 years old or 9 years old when that song came out."

"We had a support artist on one of these club shows who was 12 years old. It's funny because you're like, 'Oh that really ages me,'" he adds with a laugh, "but at the same time it's so amazing that it feels like it's across a few generations."

Not known as a particularly "deep thinker," Klein wondered whether Hozier had ever penned songs based on ridiculous ideas. Interestingly enough, he says he has, and the story behind one of them even circles back to his biggest hit.

"There's a song called 'Moment's Silence' on the second record," Hozier explains a little hesitantly. "It's because somebody misinterpreted a lyric in 'Take Me To Church.' I remember looking at Genius... There's one line in it: 'Something meaty for the main course / That's a fine looking high horse.' Somebody was interpreting that -- I know it's morning radio -- and I was like, 'That's not what I meant! But if that's what I did mean, this is what it would have been.' I'll do you one better."

Check out Klein. Ally. Show's full interview with Hozier above and stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite artists here on Audacy.

Hozier's Unreal Unearth is set for release on August 18 and he's taking the tracks on the road at festivals and a headlining tour to share them with fans later this year. Be sure to grab your tickets right HERE.

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