Foster The People drummer, Mark Pontius, announces departure from the band

'I’ve had a lot of time to myself to reflect on what truly matters'
Foster The People
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By , Audacy

Foster The People’s founding drummer, Mark Pontius, has announced that he will leaving the band.

In an Instagram post shared on October 13, Pontius explained why he is stepping away from the band and explained, “I’ve struggled with finding the words to begin this announcement so I guess I’ll just rip off the band-aid…”

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As a founding member of Foster The People, Pontius helped form the band 11 years ago. As the group approaches the 10th anniversary of Torches, their debut album, Pontius shared, “I’ve grown up a lot since we started out, and in the couple of years since our last live show, my whole life has changed in every way. I’ve had a lot of time to myself to reflect on what truly matters. Among those things, I became a father to a now 2 year old daughter who has really changed the way I feel about living my life on tour.”