Mark Cuban talks 'Shark Tank' and offers up some Taylor Swift romance possibilities

Check out KROQ's Klein on the season 15 premiere
Mark Cuban
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In honor of the season 15 premiere of Shark Tank, which will feature Audacy and KROQ’s very own morning host Klein, Mark Cuban called in (as he promised) to chat (as much as they could) about the “exciting,” “big premiere night” for the both of them.

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Appearing on the show to tempt the sharks with PIE Wine, a sweet and slightly sparkling wine Klein created as the official drink of pizza along with his lifelong friend, Josh.

Before delving into discussing the episode, and Klein asking Mark to judge just some of his many previous ideas, Klein had to discuss Cuban’s latest quotable moment about Taylor Swift -- regarding how if professional athletes are her new thing, Taylor should date someone from his basketball team, the Mavericks, so that those jersey sales go up 400% overnight.

As for who, if anyone in particular, Mark has in mind for Tay Tay, he said, “just look at the Mavs roster, we’ve got Maxi Kleber, we’ve got Dwight Powell, we’ve got Josh Green. Those are three good looking single guys… These are three guys that when we walk into a room together like all heads turn, without even knowing that they’re professional athletes.”

Noting that the comment was “all in good fun,” Cuban also commented on whether he believed all the Kelce/Swift hype was just a big PR stunt. “Taylor Swift is the most powerful entertainer in the universe right now. She doesn’t need to do anything to generate PR, if she changes her shoes it generates PR, so I don’t think this is a PR stunt at all.”

Just as excited for season 15 as he was for the very first one, for Cuban, Shark Tank is all about the message it sends to entrepreneurs... “That the American Dream is alive and well.”

After teasing that we’ll have to wait until tonight's episode to see what goes down investment-wise for Klein's PIE Wine -- aka “pizza’s new side-piece” -- Klein’s morning show co-host Ally asked Mark to judge some of Klein’s past ideas -- to see which was the worst of the bunch.

From AirM&D an AirBnB type app for moms and dads that would like to have just random teenagers living at their house, and Toasters, the coaster for your feet, to his Ham-doger, half hamburger, half hotdog — it’s twice the fun in one bun, and Dopple-banger — the dating app for people who look like you. Mark gave his honest opinion, completely shutting down some while offering iffy maybes for the rest. For all that and more listen to the entire interview above.

For everything you need to know about PIE Wine, check out the official website — HERE. And be sure to check out the season 15 premiere of Shark Tank on ABC tonight September 29 at 8PM.

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