Patricio Manuel tells Demi Lovato that boxing helped and hindered finding his transgender identity

The professional boxer sits down with Lovato on their ‘4D’ podcast
Patricio Manuel
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By , Audacy

Professional boxer, Patricio Manuel, always knew he was transgender before having the language for his identity and before anyone else could tell him who he was. Manuel says, “when I was little I never saw myself as a girl.”

While in conversation with Demi Lovato on their 4D podcast, available here on Audacy, Manuel opens up about his “gender odyssey” and his path to becoming the first transgender boxer in the U.S., to participate in a professional fight.

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From attending an all-girls school at a young age, to eventually attending a co-ed school, to finding boxing… Manuel said at first he thought, “maybe if I can’t become a man I’ll be comfortable with being masculine and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my first national tournament was when I cut all my hair off. And I really leaned into my masculinity.” He adds, “I think I was the only publically out, queer, athlete during the women’s Olympic boxing trials. I was always very upfront.”

During these trials, Manuel injured his shoulder and had a revelation about his athletic identity and his personal identity. He explains, “I realized I needed to look beyond who I was just as an athlete and I need to look at who I was as a full person.”

“This whole journey, it hasn’t been just about discovering myself, it’s more about rediscovering who I knew I always was.”

Around the ages of 25-26, Pat said that’s when he really began to “grapple with” being trans. The athlete tells Demi, “I had known I was gender non-conforming, I had known I was masculine for a really long time, but I hadn’t given myself the space to really say ‘oh you’re really trans. Like, you’re a trans person.’”