The Secret to This Couple’s 79 Years of Marriage is Chocolate

3 Hershey's milk chocolate bars
Photo credit Scott Olson

Curtis and Virginia Peters are the ultimate chocolate lovers.

Married in 1940, the couple recently celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary. And while they’ve built a life together and share five children, one secret to their relationship is a life-long mutual admiration for Hershey’s chocolate bars.

"They love the Hershey's. It melts in their mouth just the way want it," the couple’s daughter, Susan Peters Cathoir, told Today.

Cathoir said growing up her parents always kept Hershey’s chocolates in the house and even took a family trip from their home in Iowa to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania during the late 1950s.

And while Curtis, 100, and Virginia, 103, now live in a nursing home, Cathoir makes sure they have enough of their favorite treat on hand.

"I keep a pack in the freezer and go and give them one every day,” Cathoir added. “I always leave chocolate in their drawer so in case I can't make it or I'm late, one of the [nurses> can make sure they still get it.”

Their daughter feels the chocolate is more than just a candy for her parents.

"Hershey's chocolate just keeps him alive, and he keeps her alive," Cathoir continued "He shares it with her all the time — he shares everything with her and she with him. When he drinks something, he shares it."

News of the Peters’ love for Hershey’s chocolate caught the attention of the candy brand, who sent a congratulatory message to the couple and revealed they’d be sending over a 79th anniversary gift.

"Mr. and Mrs. Peters are a true testament to living a life full of love and warmth, together, for nearly 80 years. We are honored to learn that they choose to share Hershey’s chocolate to have a heartwarming connection each and every day of their lives," a Hershey’s rep told Today.

Their love has been sealed with a Hershey’s Kiss.