Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Holiday Travel | Bee Well

Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Holiday Travel | Bee Well
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‘Tis the season! For headaches, missed flights, endless traffic... and a partridge in a pear tree. When this time of year rolls around, it can be hard to avoid the travel frenzy, and easy to miss the point of the holiday season altogether – spending time with loved ones you rarely get to see, and sharing enough laughs, food, and warmth to usher in a new year.

Our friends at Virtua Health put together this handy list of tips and tricks for what’s to come this holiday season. This way, you can focus on time with family, and good stuff to come in 2024 – because holiday stress is SO 2000-and-late. Check out these tips and tricks to keep yourself stress-free!

Keep Yourself Healthy – and Check for COVID Restrictions
Being sick while on vacation is no one's idea of fun. The best barrier against wintertime bugs is prevention – take care of your body, get plenty of sleep, and be sure to get your flu shot well in advance. Speaking of shots, be sure to check your airline, hotel, and/or transportation details to be aware of any COVID-19 requirements, and plan to arrange any vaccinations or boosters beforehand. The only temperature that should be rising is for all that delicious food in the oven!

Stay Flight-Ready
If you’re taking flight this holiday (and it’s not on a one-horse open sleigh), chances are you might run into a hiccup here and there.
Here are a few tips for smooth sailing:
• Try to fly direct, and book the earliest flight on the earliest day you can manage.
• Consider flight insurance for extra peace of mind (especially when you have a few days buffer to reschedule).
• Don’t wrap your gifts beforehand – if TSA needs to check your luggage, all that hard work will be left behind at the airport!

Do a Dress Rehearsal
For a vacation that requires some extra coordination, take a cue from your favorite actor and run a dress rehearsal. What needs to happen on the day of your departure? Do you need to hire any pet- or plant-sitters? What do you want to check for before you leave the house? Running this or making a list (and checking it twice) beforehand might give you just enough extra headspace to make a positive difference this holiday season.

Make a Plan B
When all else fails, always have a Plan B to ward off disappointment! Things happen, and if you need to make a decision, it’s always better to have a fallback option rather than making impulsive decisions after things have gone wrong.

Always Keep the Goal in Mind
At the end of the day (and the year), the holidays are all about getting together with loved ones, showing gratitude, and sharing moments that will last. You’ll thank yourself for making smarter decisions to beat back stress and to stay fully present in those moments. Our friends at Virtua Health are wishing you all the best for the holiday season and the new year!

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