Ritchie: 76ers fans need to be open to idea that James Harden could be part of the solution


After new head coach Nick Nurse told reporters at his introductory press conference that he would be “very happy” to have James Harden back with the 76ers, Jon Ritchie made it known that the Sixers just might be better off bringing back the polarizing point guard.

“I think we need to be more on board with the idea that James Harden could be the answer here with the right tutelage,” Jon said.

Joe DeCamara couldn’t believe the results of a poll put out by The Morning Show resulted in over 70 percent of fans saying they believed Harden wouldn’t be back in Philly next season, because the odds are likely much higher that he stays put, even if it he declines his player option as expected.

“There’s a chance he’s not back, there’s no doubt,” Joe said. “But I don’t think it’s above a 50 percent chance.”

As for Nurse’s comments on Harden, Joe isn’t convinced that it means much of anything.

“So he says…while Nick Nurse said it, it doesn’t mean Nick Nurse means it,” Joe said. “It doesn’t mean it if James Harden wants a three or four-year deal.

“What’s he gonna say, ‘I don’t want him back?’ I find that beyond implausible. I think there is a zero percent chance he would say that, and even if he really felt that way, it’s Daryl Morey’s call.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer | Getty Images