Audacy Check In: Niall Horan takes us inside the making of 'The Show'

'If it had gone bad, we probably wouldn’t have had a record'
Niall Horan Check In
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Niall Horan checked in with Audacy to chat with Bru all about his forthcoming album, The Show, out June 9 -- the first single of which, “Heaven,” has already been released -- plus a whole lot more.

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Skipping no beats and getting right to it, Niall shared what he’s been up to in the three years since the release of his last album, Heartbreak Weather. After “chillin’ for a second… like we all did,” Niall noted, “I got crackin’ on making the record.”

“It came to me,” he added, “the start of a record you can never really force it. I always find that if I force it, I just keep writing terrible songs… I was just at the piano one night, and during the pandemic wrote the first song and was like ‘this is good… maybe I should actually make a record now.’ Cause if it had gone bad, we probably wouldn’t have had a record.”

As for the choice to make “Heaven” the lead single, Niall explained, “I think ‘Heaven’ is a good start song to represent the record… it has everything the rest of the record has, like a hooky chorus, and some really cool BVs (backing vocals) that I spent ages on. All of the production represents the record really well, and the message sums up the through-line across the album.”

Discussing the record as a whole, Niall noted, “It’s called The Show, it’s out June 9. It’s got 10 songs on it, ‘Heaven’ being the first obviously, and I guess generally speaking, I’ve been the writer that kinda really writes a specific story. Like, pick a scenario and a moment and really delve into the whole picture of it, the colors, the way that person was walking, talking and you know whatever it may be, and really singer/songwriter type fashion.”

This time around, Niall went on to say, “we had a pandemic, so there was sort of a lot time sat around, stewing, living 24/7 in our brains and the thoughts are just getting a bit bigger. When I was younger it was very much like that, and the older I’ve gotten, life-thoughts come in, the overall feeling is just a little bit bigger — the wider world, what’s going on in the world, how I feel about things and stuff like that. I’ve cracked the planet basically,” Niall quipped. “I’m 29, I’ve figured it all out, there’s nothing left to learn.” he jokingly added.

WATCH NOW: Audacy Check In with Niall Horan


Niall also went on to discuss how he’s matured and evolved as an artist, musician, and songwriter over the years -- since 2017’s Flicker and 2020’s Heartbreak Weather. Sharing his thoughts on what each of those albums delivered and where he was in his growth process at that particular time in his life. All in comparison to now with The Show, describing the creation process and album itself as “thoughtful.”

Also up for discussion — Niall’s coaching gig on The Voice. To hear Niall share what will get him to turn his chair, and more, listen to the full interview above.

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