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Ed Sheeran
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He’s one of the most beloved artists in music. Now, he has his very own station right here on Audacy.

Introducing Ed Sheeran’s Favorites, a collection of songs handpicked by Ed as he plays his favorite music from around the world and highlights his biggest hits. You can listen to Ed Sheeran’s Favorites for free right now on the Audacy app.

Listen to your favorite music now on Audacy and check out Ed Sheeran’s Favorites Exclusive Station

After a wait that felt like an eternity, Ed Sheeran made his return in late June with his brand new single “Bad Habits.”

During a recent Audacy Check In, Ed told us that “Bad Habits” was inspired by the idea of the world opening back up again.

Prior to writing “Bad Habits,” Ed tells us, “my first single at that point was this sort of lo-fi, quite sad tune. I was like ‘I think we just make an upbeat dance tune.’”

After playing the song for his friends, Sheeran felt confident and exclaimed “I really connect with it.”

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