7/15 - Full Show - The Gabe & Nina Podcast

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Gabe & Nina's 6 @ 6 - Post Malone is getting yet another Tattoo, but in his defense this time it's because of a wager. Who did he wager and what's he getting now ? Gabe & Nina cover that and more on the 6 @ 6.


Throwback Trivia - Do You remember the movie featuring Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson playing as two uninvited guests who just want to party & meet girls ? This hint might help : "MOM, BRING ME THE MEATLOAF ?" Time to play throwback trivia !


Do You Walk Your Dog Late At Night ? - Are you one of those dog owners who go on 1 AM walks ? Gabe & Nina open the lines and talk to the nocturnal dog owners about why they're out walking their dogs so late.


Baby Daddy Check- In - Who else was excited when they first learned how to grab stuff ? On this check-in, Gabe talks about watching his daughter grabbing her toys and moving them around.


Wake Up Wars - Team Nina is going for 3 days in a row, Megan is here and ready to play for Team Nina. On the other side, Team Gabe is fumbling right now. They need Chris to get them a win this week.


Charging Your Phone - Who else panics when they see their phone battery is low ? Gabe & Nina ask Chicago, at what percentage does this mini panic attack happen to you ?


Ju-LYING - Two statements from Gabe & Nina, but only one is true. Who is lying ?


Lie Detectors - Different people have different priorities right ? Is your pet one of your highest priorities ? Lisa had her date run out on her during a hookup session at 1 AM to go walk his dog. Did her date ditch her for another woman or did was being a responsible dog owner ?


News You Can Use - It's Tax Day ! Gabe has important information to share with everyone about their taxes and the deadline. Nina shares information about a new alarm clock that helps you relax, sleep, and meditate.


Nina @ 9:30 - Do you do what you say you're going to do ? Nina talks about why it's important to have people around you who set goal for themselves and achieve them.