Psychic business booming amid pandemic

By , WCBS Newsradio 880

The pandemic has more people wanting to know what the future holds for them.

Reporter Mike Sugerman joined the growing list of people contacting a psychic.

Sugerman reached out to New York City-based psychic Derek Calibre, who said business has been "busy."

"An increase in people looking for guidance in terms of their lives," said Calibre, who has been working as a professional psychic for 15 years after getting his start in Honolulu.

Last time business was so good was back in 2008 during the financial crisis.

On his website, Calibre describes himself as a "psychic symbolist" who can provide guidance "when you're at a crossroads."

He says he doesn't predict the future and instead reads modern day tarot cards for clients.

"If I could predict the future I would certainly play the lottery," Calibre said. "What this exercise is, is an investigation into a psyche."

He said his readings feature three key elements: a specific focus, a willingness to relate to metaphorical concepts and an active participation on the process.

During the private one-hour sessions, Calibre said images are randomly drawn from a deck of over 400 cards he's collected since 2006.

Calibre said the cards tell a story and are "designed to help you identify opportunities, navigate relationships, and sort through a decision."

So what story did Sugerman's cards tell? He didn't ask. Calibre charges $200 a session so that's why Sugerman went with a three-minute psychic reading for $2.99.

"Should I bet on the Mets this year?" he asked.

"They should do all right," the psychic said.

Fans should be happy to hear.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: David Calibre