'Twilight' star Peter Facinelli revisits his time in Forks during the epic film series

The actor stops by the 'Life is Short with Justin Long' podcast
Peter Facinelli
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On a brand new episode of Life is Short with Justin Long, Twilight’s Peter Facinelli talks with Justin about what it was like to be part of the Twilight franchise, his experience growing up in an Italian family and how he broke into acting despite being a shy kid.

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After struggling with Zoom for the first 15 minutes of the conversation, which Justin thankfully didn’t include in the episode, Peter got right into sharing all about his Zoom-filled quarantine time, during which he took multiple online classes, including hypnotherapy. Which at its core, Facinelli described as psychological manifestation.

As for what peaked his interest, Peter revealed that to being an introverted kid.

“Well when I was younger… when I first started taking acting classes I was just terrified, like I wasn’t like the ham that was like ‘I love to be onstage.’ I was so shy that I couldn’t even get in the lunch line at school, like paralyzingly shy.”

“But then when I started acting, I was like ‘oh this is great,’ nobody can see me, they see this character that I built, so then I was a lot freer.”

Telling his Italian immigrant parents that he wanted to be an actor, they didn’t particularly understand why. As Peter noted, “telling them I wanted to be an actor, was like telling them I wanted to go to Mars.”

After reminiscing about starring in the cult classic “Can’t Hardly Wait,” Peter got into his what it was like to be part of the Twilight franchise, which he likened to being part of The Beatles, and filled with “waves of screaming fans.” Noting “you knew it wasn’t real,” and more “surreal.”

For all that and more, listen to the entire episode above.

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