Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio is opening an addiction treatment center in Vermont

Anastasio raised $1.2 million during a virtual residency that will help fund the center
Trey Anastasio
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This past October, Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio launched an eight-week virtual residency where he delivered a Friday night performance with his solo band from New York City’s Beacon Theatre.

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The residency was dubbed “The Beacon Jams” and saw Anastasio dig into a wide variety of material. From reimagining Phish songs, rearranging solo material, cover tunes, and some good ol’ improvisational jam, the innovative series served as a weekly musical highlight.

Throughout the course of the series, viewers could donate to Anastasio’s charity, the Divided Sky Foundation. The charity made good on its promise to use proceeds to help those affected by addiction by purchasing a home in Ludlow, Vermont and use it to open a non-profit facility to help those suffering from alcoholism and addiction.

“The building will house a non-profit substance use disorder treatment center that we are hoping to open by the end of 2021,” Anastasio said in a statement.

“This moment would not have been possible if it wasn’t for all the support we received during The Beacon Jams. We did this together. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in The Beacon Jams, and contributed everything from donations to well wishes. It means so much to me, and it’s going to mean so much to the individuals and families that will benefit from this treatment center.”

In total, The Beacon Jams generated $1.2 million in donations from fans. “Substance use disorders affect people from all walks of life,” Anastasio added.

“The problem is intimately linked with isolation – whether that’s isolation due to the pandemic or for any other reason. The Beacon Jams helped us find a way to connect people and get this project off the ground. To be able to do that together during this difficult year touches my heart.”

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